Seven Churches Question


I believe that I have been very blessed and have always been in churches that would be considered to be Evangelical, Bible Believing (literal word) and are in the church of Philadelphia. As I read the letters to the Churches in The Book of Revelation, am I correct in believing that in all seven churches there may be individuals who are of the church of Philadelphia (truly saved); and also there may be individuals within the church of Philadelphia who are not saved?


I believe that the first three churches of Rev. 2-3 (Ephesus Smyrna, Pergamum) are no longer present on Earth but the other four are. I believe that Thyatira represents the Catholic Church, Sardis the main line Protestants, Philadelphia the born again Evangelicals, and Laodicea the Apostates. If you read the letters to Thyatira and Sardis carefully you’ll see hints that some are saved and some aren’t. Since everyone who is born again is saved there’s no such division in Philadelphia. And in Laodicea, the only promise is to those who come out of the church.

Remember, you can’t equate this to specific congregations. Just because a person sits in an evangelical church on Sunday doesn’t mean he or she is saved. It’s what’s in our heart that counts, not what’s on the door of the church we attend.