Severe Persecution In The Future?


Re: Your commentary on Psalm 7. Could you please explain in more detail exactly what you are referring to in the US? Are there some laws coming down that we are not aware of? Are you speaking of the tribulation (Daniel’s 70th week) or are you talking here and now before the Rapture? I certainly agree that there is no end to ALL kinds of problems on the horizon but I’m confused about the severe persecution comments, at least in the “near future” as you have indicated for the U.S. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.


In my view there has to be a further winnowing of “Christians in name only” from the true Church before the rapture and in the past the Lord has allowed the repression of religious freedoms as a means to accomplishing this.

I think there’s an undercurrent of anger and frustration in this country due to recent events. It’s possible that the coming elections will become a focal point for this frustration and could turn nasty, and already it’s clear that believers will be lumped together with other social conservatives as being to blame for this. If these feelings manifest themselves in the form of civil unrest there will be a reaction from the government that will likely result in a curtailment of some civil and/or religious liberties.

Since I believe the rapture is part of the near future, I would not be surprised to see a rapid acceleration of anti-Christian sentiment preceding it. But the worst of this will be reserved for the time after the rapture, when the practice of Christianity will become a capital offense and people will be faced with surrendering their lives as the only alternative to renouncing their faith.