Sheep And Goats


I have been reading your messages and very blessed. Thank God for using you to spread His word to prepare believers waiting in anticipation of His coming.

Regarding the Parable of the sheep and the goat. This is my understanding: The sheep refers to friends of Israel. The goats refer to non-friends of Israel. The world is divided into two camps, one is nations for Israel, the other is nations against Israel. What do you think?



You’re correct that the sheep are friends of Israel while the goats are not, but the judgment is upon people, not nations. The word translated nations simply means people.

Sheep are believers who help each other, including Jews, survive the Great Tribulation even though they can’t buy or sell and are being hunted by the forces of Anti-Christ. The goats are unbelievers who won’t lift a finger to help the anti-Christ’s enemies.

By their actions both groups demonstrate their spiritual condition. Believers are ushered into the Kingdom and unbelievers are banished to the eternal fire.