Should I Contribute?


I live in South Africa. I enjoy your teachings and am a regular reader and pupil learning, checking, comparing etc. My pastor announced this week that he was invited to the Congo, to do some teachings there, and it will be for some time. We agreed some time ago that if God sends you, God will provide everything, and there should not be any problems. He told us previously that How God had provided miraculously and witnessed about it. During the service he said that if anybody feels led to contribute towards his trip, they should come and speak to Him after the sermon.

I have some money available, and I feel that if I ask God to make clear to me the exact amount the pastor needs, that both of us will be spiritually stirred and lifted by it as He will then know that it is God’s plan, and I will know that God heard me, and answered my prayers, and I will be blessed by hearing God’s voice/answer.

I really expect an answer from God, as I want to be a good steward of His money. What if I give and he goes to the Congo and it is not God’s will? Is it wrong from me to expect a reply from my Father? I do not want to tell God what to do and how, but want confirmation and peace in Him.


By the way you explain the intent of your heart, I feel comfortable in saying that if you feel the Lord leading you to contribute all or part of your pastor’s expenses, you should do it, regardless of whether He tells you the exact cost of the trip or not. And remember this. God looks at the intent of each person’s heart in these matters. As long as you believe you’re being faithful to His leading, He will bless you regardless of the outcome of the trip.