Should I Go Back Or Not?


In this economy any job is a good job, right? I worked for 8 years at a job where I prayed every day for God to get me out of there. Finally I gave up my job and was replaced. But did I really give up my job? I have been in and out of that job countless times over the last year and helped out the replacement many times for free. Now my old employer would like to hire me back as my replacement quit. Should I go back to this job? We have now moved and the drive would be longer. The stress and daily deadlines were enormous to the point it caused health issues. My husband does not want me to go back.


Not knowing all the circumstances, I can only reply based on what you’ve told me. You say you prayed every day for God to get you out of that job, but then you quit. Did the Lord tell you to quit, or did you just get tired of waiting for Him to answer your prayers?

Then you say you’ve gone back periodically to offer free help doing the job you were formerly paid to do. So even if the Lord did tell you to quit, you didn’t really do it. By providing this free assistance you’ve been saying that you didn’t really want to leave after all.

Therefore it’s no surprise your employer wants you back. Have you thought of negotiating to improve the working conditions and asking for more money to offset your expenses? Maybe you’re one of the few people who can actually do the job. If that’s the case you could be worth more to him than you think.

The question to ask yourself is whether improved conditions and more money would make the job more agreeable. If so, tell him what you need to come back. If you and your employer can come to an agreement, take it as a sign that the Lord wants you there. If not, take that as a sign you’re not supposed to be there and move on.