Should I Tell Him?


Several years ago, I committed a terrible sin. Shortly afterward, I asked Jesus Christ for forgiveness, and became a born again Christian. I know that God has forgiven me, but to this day my husband does not know what I did. I do have occasional guilty thoughts about it, but I know its Satan trying to make me feel bad, especially when I know God has already forgiven me. My question is do I have to tell my husband? Would it matter to God if I don’t? I know that if I do my tell him, he will leave me and the kids.


You’ve confessed to the Lord and He has forgiven you. You’ve said the likely outcome of telling your husband would be to destroy your marriage, deprive your children of their father, and make every body miserable. Unless the Holy Spirit is clearly convicting you to tell your husband, you should leave well enough alone. By the way, you can tell the difference between conviction and guilt by your reaction. Conviction always draws you closer to God so you can experience forgiveness, while guilt makes you want to hide from Him and all you experience is fear.