Should I Tithe On The Insurance Money?


My husband went home to be with the Lord.  Do I tithe/give offerings from the insurance money?  I love to give and am a giver, but right now fear has set in with the finances.  Friends of mine state I should tithe.


Insurance proceeds are generally not thought of as income. They are simply the conversion of one kind of asset (the policy) to another one of equal value (the money).  You are obviously free to donate some or all of the proceeds to the Lord but you don’t need to tithe on any of it as you would income.

But there are underlying issues here.  Tithing should not be thought of as an obligation, but as an expression of gratitude.  The Lord does not need your money, and if you’re only tithing because you think you have to, you’re missing the point and perhaps some blessings as well.  Give because you feel gratitude for the things you’ve been given, like forgiveness of your sins, the promise of eternal life, and other blessings.

Also, giving out of gratitude doesn’t deplete your resources, it could actually enhance them.  The Lord said the measure you use in giving to others will be used to determine how much He gives to you. (Luke 6:38)  So it pays to be generous.

And third, you don’t need to fear for your financial future.  The Lord promised you that if you seek His Kingdom and His righteousness He would take care of meeting all your needs (Matt. 6:25-34).