Sick About Dealing With A Non-Believer


My husband and I started looking for a home several months ago and there are things that concern me about our mortgage broker.She’s a really nice lady and has been an asset as far as teaching us about credit and housing, etc. But something has always bothered me about her.

We found a home and will be closing on it very soon so we have been in her office a number of times and I noticed these pictures on her desk of a man and the words, “may the blessings be”. She has also said this to me on several occasions and each time I see or hear this, it stirs something inside me like an alarm goes off in my head. I’ve learned it is a religion called Eckankar.

It’s “a religion of spirit and light” according to their website. I am literally heartsick now, I mean my stomach hurts and I’m just sick wondering what I have gotten us into dealing with this lady, I just don’t know what to do.

I know throughout life we deal with people who are of all sorts, different religions, and atheists and I know that God uses those very people to help Christians but I want to make sure I am not doing something wrong dealing with this person. So please, please give me your advice.

Thank you so much and God Bless!


Relax. Had you been looking for a Christian you would have asked about her beliefs right at the beginning, but you weren’t. You were looking for someone who could do a good job for you and you found one. Eckankar is a new age religion. Your discernment picked up on her false spirituality, but that doesn’t have anything to do with her ability to get you a good mortgage. Perhaps the Lord brought her across your path so you could tell her about the real Spirit and Light.