Sick About Dealing With A Non-Believer


I don’t attend church much but I do read your website a lot. Tonight I wanted to ask the former pastor of the church I had been attending a question but the new church he is at doesn’t have a web address for him. Anyway, you’ve never steered me wrong in my questions in the past or anyone else’s for that matter so I really need your advice. You don’t have to post this, I just need a God given answer.

My husband and I started looking for a home several months ago and I had posted asking for any for sale by owners on our local cheapcycle. Well this lady answered me that she was a mortgage broker. Well, we decided to get pre-approved because we were looking at foreclosures and you have to be pre-approved to bid on them so we went to this lady to get approved. She’s a really nice lady and has been an asset as far as teaching us about credit and housing…etc… but something has always bothered me about her.

Well, we found a home and will be closing on it very soon so we have been in her office a number of times and I noticed these pictures on her desk of a man and the words, “may the blessings be”. She has also said this to me on several occasions and each time I see or hear this, it stirs something inside me like an alarm goes off in my head or something. I’ve searched on the net and have finally now that we are so close to closing have come across the phrase and the man in the picture….it is from this religion called “ECKANKAR”

It’s “a religion of spirit and light” according to their website. I am literally heartsick now, I mean my stomach hurts and I’m just sick wondering what I have gotten us into dealing with this lady, I just don’t know what to do.

I know throughout life we deal with people who are of all sorts, different religions, non religion and even Atheist and I know that God uses those very people to help Christians but I am just sick and don’t know if I am doing something wrong dealing with this person….I didn’t know she was into this before I got involved with her and she has not engraciated this religion onto me, I mean I wouldn’t have known had it not been for my own snooping so to speak. So please, please give me your advice.

Thanks you so much and God Bless!


Relax. Had you been looking for a Christian you would have asked about her beliefs right at the beginning, but you weren’t. You were looking for someone who could do a good job for you and you found one. Eckankar is a new age religion. Your discernment picked up on her false spirituality, but that doesn’t have anything to do with her ability to get you a good mortgage. Perhaps the Lord brought her across your path so you could tell her about the real Spirit and Light.