Signs Of Believers


I have a question concerning Mark 16:15-18. These are basically the red letter statements from Jesus about the signs that accompany believers. My question really centers around verse 17. The Lord says “..and these signs will accompany those who believe” NIV. He then lists off the signs in verse 18.

I have personally never seen anyone perform any of these signs, yet I myself and many of my brethren are believers. I have heard an argument say that miracles of the Holy Spirit such as this were only given to the Apostles and first century disciples to help jump start the church. Is there any scripture to back up this claim? That sounds like something passed down so as not to offend believers. Am I wrong to assume that as a believer and with enough faith I could heal the sick, raise the dead, and command mountains to move and they would do so whether first century Apostle or last century Christ believing Electrical Engineer?

I certainly wouldn’t be offended by the notion of my lack of faith to perform these miracles. Indeed, I would welcome it as much to learn and grow in faith. I would even rejoice to see another do such things for their great faith in the Lord.


Two of the earliest and most highly respected Greek manuscripts have Mark’s gospel ending with verse 8 of chapter 16. Verses 9-20 didn’t appear anywhere until the 2nd Century. But they’re in the Scriptures so they’re part of God’s inspired word. There are New Testament accounts of everything there except the drinking of poison, and there’s no Scripture to indicate that this power is no longer available to the Church. I have either performed, witnessed or heard reliable eye witness accounts of several of these miracles so I know they still happen. Verses people use to deny this were never interpreted in such a way before the early 1900s’ when Spiritual Gifts suddenly re-emerged, giving birth to the Pentecostal movement. It’s our level of faith that’s changed over the years, not God’s word.