Soaking Prayer and Healing Rooms


I am new to your website and am enjoying it very much. Thank you for your obedience to our Lord. I have a friend who buys into everything (blows with the wind) and I am very worried for her. She has come to me with things like soaking prayer and healing rooms and such. I have worked at finding scriptures on my own and now with the help of your wonderful website. I would appreciate knowing any information you have on these things.


The Phrases “soaking prayer” and “healing rooms” describe practices that are controversial in Christianity, but for different reasons.

Practitioners of soaking prayer attempt to seek out the presence of God through mystical exercises. In this sense it’s very similar to contemplative prayer and contemplative spirituality, both of which find their origins in Eastern Mysticism and came into Christianity through the New Age.

Healing rooms were developed out of the ministry of John G. Lake, a powerful evangelist and healer in the early 20th Century. Many of his followers today are of the Pentecostal persuasion, and there are hundreds of Healing Room ministries in several countries.