Soapbox Preaching


What are your thoughts on “soapbox preaching”? Does the Bible address this?


Since there were no soap boxes in those days the Bible doesn’t mention them specifically. But if you’re talking about street preaching, that’s about the only kind there was in Biblical times, and Paul used that form of evangelism frequently.

In the Greek Empire, public discourse and debate was encouraged and many cities had designated places set aside for this purpose. In Athens, Paul’s preaching in the market place brought him to the attention of the Areopagus, a council of Athenian officials named for the place where they met. (The Romans called it “Mars Hill”). These officials were intrigued by Paul’s preaching of the Gospel and a few of them became believers because of it (Acts 17:16-34).

Over time these believers attracted others and eventually their group grew to become the Greek Orthodox church, which numbers in the millions today. All because of an itinerant street preacher named Paul.