Son Of God


Since Jesus is God, why does God refer to Him as His Son? Even though I believe that They are one, I’ve never really understood the fact that They are one, yet separate, that Jesus was born as a man but also existed WITH the Father before the creation of the earth. I just wish that it would click in my mind so that I could truly understand. I’m afraid that if a nonbeliever were to ask me about these things, I wouldn’t really know how to answer them. How can I try to convince someone of something that I myself don’t really understand? I pray that God will clarify this for me through your answer.


Jesus is described in the Bible as an eternal being just as God is, and the two are one and the same (John 1:1 and others). But at some point in the distant past He was given the title “Son of God” (Psalm 2:7) and has always been referred to as such in His Earthly ministry and through out the Church Age.