Spare The Rod One More Time


I appreciate your article on spanking/beating our children. I must confess that I have spanked my children and was spanked as a child. Your article has brought about a change in heart for my wife and me. I must admit that I was defensive when I first read it, but I have taken this past week to pray and ask the Lord about it. He wants to perfect us before we are raptured, in all ways.

You’re right, how would I feel if an 18 foot giant belted me one every time I got out of line? I never thought of it like that. My girls rarely need spanked, but we have done it. My wife and I have spoken in the past and agreed spanking was necessary by all parents. But, now, we have agreed to get over ourselves, drop our defensiveness, and listen to the counsel provided by God through your ministry. We are praying and have changed our attitudes and hearts on the matter and I do feel ashamed that we bought in to such an awful philosophy. Thank you Jack, I appreciate you tackling a difficult subject.


Thank you for your insight. I’ve heard from lots of parents who condone and practice spanking, but all of them have argued from their own experience and/or opinions rather than from the Bible.

I’ve also heard from lots of parents who don’t spank their children. It’s a very controversial topic that unfortunately has been distorted by opinion till there’s hardly room for the Word of God. Thanks for thinking and praying about this. It’s just what I hoped people would do when they read the article.