Spirit and Soul


Thanks again for your ministry and help! From reading the Bible with the various verses about our spirit and soul along with your studies with Q & A’s, I’m aware our body is the temporary dwelling place of our soul and spirit.

The soul is where our mind and emotions come from and the spirit is our conscience. My question is, is it Biblically sound to say the dwelling place for the soul is in the brain and spirit is in the heart within our body? Thanks again and may God bless your ministry!


I think it’s OK to say that at least symbolically.  Our mind, will, and emotions are often mentioned in reference to our brain, and in 2 Cor. 1:21-22 Paul said God sent His spirit to dwell in our heart.

My free ebook on Esther contains a great analogy on the relationship between the Spirit of God, and the spirit and soul of man. I got it from Ray Steadman’s book “The Queen And I”.  It explains what happens when they’re not properly aligned.  You can down load the ebook here.