Spring Rapture?


Hello. My brother said the sermon at his church last night was about a Springtime Rapture. Have you ever heard of this? He said the pastor taught from the book of Ruth and another book, which escapes me at the moment, and he said that things point to a Spring Rapture, which included the time between April and August. I’ve never heard of the time of the year for the Rapture being pin-pointed. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your wonderful website!


The Book of Ruth is a great model of the relationship between the Lord (Boaz), Israel (Naomi) and the Church (Ruth). It is read in Synagogues on Shavuot, which we know as Pentecost, the church’s birthday. It usually falls between mid-May and mid-June on our calendar. This year (2009) it’s May 29.

Many believers who are convinced that the Rapture will happen on a Jewish Feast day pick Pentecost, and in my opinion it is the most logical choice of all the feasts. But I think the rapture will happen on the day that the church reaches its full number (Romans 11:25) and that’s why no one on Earth can know the date in advance.