Staying Behind?


There are those of us faithful who although we accept Our Lord as Our Savior, expect to be left on Earth to to fight the Anti-Christ and his forces post Rapture. We actually picture ourselves as God’s faithful, willing to sacrifice ourselves for God. Don’t laugh, I know it sounds egotistical and somewhat like a contradiction.

It seems if we do, we’ll be damned for all time. If that’s true, why do we bother even worrying about anyone left? What good is a Thousand Years of Peace if no Faithful are even left to do God’s Work? Am I just missing something?


At the Rapture, the work of the Church on Earth will be finished, and we’ll all be taken. After we’re gone others, including the 144,000 Israelites of Rev. 7:1-8, will take over. They will facilitate the salvation of many millions after the Church has gone. Some of those millions will survive the Great Tribulation and will do the Lord’s work on Earth during the Millennium. Meanwhile, the Church will be given new responsibilities.