Still More On Spare The Rod


God Bless you for your article about spanking. It’s such a blessing.

My husband was brought up by a “Christian” mother who would whip him with a belt for not wanting to go to church. Is it any wonder that he not only rejects going to church but rejected God Himself for many years? As his wife I have to really be careful in my Christian walk. If I get “too involved” in my church (like his mother did) then I risk turning him away from God again.

I was raised by a non-Christian mother who used threats, hitting, slapping, spanking and such to keep me in line. I am ashamed that I (on a smaller scale) have fallen into that type of behavior myself. I have prayed to the Lord to save my daughter from myself – if anything I do or say interferes with her salvation – take me out. I do not want her to rebel against God by rebelling against me like my husband did with his mother.

Your article has been such a help and I’ve apologized to her and to God. I’ve always prayed that God would help me to be a more godly wife and mother. Your article is a God-send.


Thank you. We’ll let this letter represent the positive comments I’ve received on the article like a couple of others I’ve posted have represented the negative ones.