Still Undecided About The Rapture


One day I believe the pretrib rapture argument is sound, the next day I don’t. So, let’s get down to the basics. What difference does it make what I believe about the timing of the rapture? I know it’s going to happen but scripture, as I read it, does not define for certain its timing. If I don’t believe in the pretrib rapture and it happens that way, does that disqualify me from being raptured with those who believe it? Does my doubt about the timing make me unworthy to escape that what is coming upon the whole world?


Your opinion about the timing of the rapture will not determine whether you go or not. The only qualification for inclusion in the rapture is to be born again. However, the Bible only teaches one rapture position, and the closer you cling to a strict literal interpretation of Scripture the more obvious it will become to you that the Bible is pre-trib. Here are a couple of links to help you.