Storing Up Treasure In Heaven


In several of your articles and answers to questions, you’ve suggested that by investing our resources in Kingdom work, we’ll be creating greater benefit for ourselves both in this life and the next one. What exactly do you mean by that?


When the Lord advised us not to store up treasure on earth (Matt. 6:19-21) He was saying that to the greatest extent possible, whatever treasure we acquire here should be given for use in furthering His work.

When we give without any expectation of return, but out of gratitude for what we’ve already received, we’re loving others as He loved us and four things happen, all good;

1. The generosity of our giving to others will be matched by the generosity of God’s blessing to us in the here and now (Luke 6:38)

2. Giving generously in the present will bring us greater treasure, enabling us to be even more generous in the future (2 Cor. 9:11)

3. We’ll live a fuller, more abundant life in the process (John 10:10)

4. Our unselfish giving here will also result in treasure being stored up for us in heaven (Matt. 6:19-21).

No one knows exactly what this heavenly treasure is, since everything will be so much different there from what it is here. We just know that these are promises from God, who cannot lie.

Like it is with everything else where He’s concerned, we just have to exercise our faith and take the first step to get things started.