Stress In The New Jerusalem?


Since we will have access to Earth from the New Jerusalem during the Millennium, how do you think we will handle the world getting more sin-filled as time passes? Do you think maybe we just won’t visit the Earth as much? It will have to be a very stressing time for us. Will there be any danger of us becoming like them?


With all the Lord has in store for us, I’m not sure how much time we’ll spend visiting Earth in the first place. But I do think it will lose much of its attractiveness to us as time goes by.

Remember, we will know as we are known (1 Cor. 13:12), which means we’ll understand everything completely. Therefore, I don’t think anything will be able to cause us stress, because stress is a by product of uncertainty.

And there’s no indication in the Bible that anyone from the Church will ever fall back into sin. Hebrews 7:25 says the Lord is able to save us completely (literally “to the uttermost”). To me that means that there will be no danger of any of the perfected beings from the Church becoming like the natural beings on Earth.