Stuck In New Jerusalem?


You have said that the Church will be in the New Jerusalem during the Tribulation and the Millennium, but that we won’t arrive until after the battle of Armageddon. However, scripture says we will return with Jesus when He comes to destroy the nations at Armageddon and thereafter we will rule on Earth with Him. How can we do that if we are stuck in the New Jerusalem floating above Earth?


I believe the New Jerusalem is the place Jesus went to prepare for us in His Father’s house, and where He’ll take us when He comes for us at the rapture (John 14:2-3).

Where does Scripture say we will return with Jesus to destroy the nations? Rev. 19:14 says the armies of heaven will return with Him. Has the Church ever been called the armies of heaven? Have you ever heard of a king taking his new bride into battle with Him?

It’s true that Rev. 17:14 says when He comes back He will overcome the kings of the Earth, and His called chosen and faithful followers will be with Him. It’s a reference to the church. But John saw the New Jerusalem coming down out of Heaven just after the 2nd Coming and was taken there to see the bride (Rev.21:9-10). This clarifies Rev. 17:4 indicating that we come back from Heaven when the Lord returns, but not necessarily at the exact same time.

And did you really mean to say, “stuck in the New Jerusalem”? This is the home Christians have longed for since it was first mentioned 2000 years ago.

As for ruling on Earth, the Bible says we will rule with the Lord but doesn’t give us any additional detail. Lots of Earthly kings have reigned over places they didn’t live in. For example, at one time the King of England reigned over Canada, Australia, India, Hong Kong, and other places while living in England. If earthly kings can do that, being limited by earthly means of travel, why couldn’t the Church, who will not be limited in this way, do the same?