Studying Prophecy. Follow Up


I just read your fabulous article (The Best Reason To Study Prophecy) and you were talking about studying one hour a day to become an expert. My question to you is if you would please give an example as to how you began your study in prophecy, for example did you read a verse and then read bible commentaries on the verse or did you read a book other than the Bible? And how did you know that people you learned from were not false teachers? If you’re just a baby Christian how can you discern?


First of all every believer is given a certain amount of discernment if they just apply it. In John 16:13 Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would lead us to the truth. Also, I didn’t just trust my own interpretation. Nor did I only listen to one or two teachers. Here’s what I said in the article;

“Over the next several years I spent hours every day learning all I could about Bible Prophecy. In addition to studying the Bible, I read every view by nearly every respected scholar before forming my own opinion that the pre-trib, pre-millennial, dispensational view is the one most consistent with a strict literal, historical, grammatical interpretation of Scripture.”

So I read my Bible, I read every major view of end times prophecy as expressed by respected scholars, and I followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit. By the time I felt confident in my position I had consumed hundreds of books and recorded studies over a period of several years.