Take The Best And Leave The Rest?


My Question: Is there any good in the emerging church or should involvement in a church which is leaning that way be avoided? My Pastor did some research into Emerging Church and thinks we could take some things from the conversation and grow as a church, ignoring all the more questionable practices. Having watched the growth of this movement for years I am very concerned about some of the ideas coming out of it. Could it be that the Lord has placed me in leadership (deacon) in my church so I can act as watchman and stand interceding before God for my Pastor & our congregation.


I don’t want to jump to conclusions but I’m skeptical. The things that make the emerging church popular are a de-emphasis of the gospel, (sin/salvation, the need to be born again) and other core Biblical doctrine, and an emphasis on entertainment, “good” works, programs, etc. If you leave out these “questionable practices” what is left from the emerging church to adopt?