Talking With God


I consider myself a new believer having only been born again a little over a year ago. I feel a change in my prayer life since then. More than just thinking my prayers to myself before bed where now I physically speak them as well as fast once or twice a week. However, I still can’t honestly say that God clearly speaks to me. I feel that He puts things on my heart or directs me through my thoughts and emotions, but nothing definitive. This causes me to feel doubt from time to time as to whether or not I’m following His will exactly as I should or if I’m missing things or taking liberties that I shouldn’t. Is this just a natural place for me to be as a young believer and something that will intensify over time or am I missing something?


The way God is communicating with you is the same way He communicates with all of us. His is the “still small voice” that Elijah heard in 1 Kings 19:12. It’s not His way to shout commands at us, but to nudge us and make gentle suggestions. Stay close to Him. Keep listening for and following His suggestions. As you do you will grow in your faith this will become second nature to you.