Teaching Against The Rapture?


I would like to know what will become of those who call themselves Christians, but are teaching there is no rapture? There are many who hold this belief and also teach it. Personally, I believe there is a pre-trib rapture, and there is no lack of evidence for it throughout scripture. So why don’t these who teach no rapture see it? Will it affect their own opportunity to be raptured at the pre-tribulation rapture? Or will their lack of faith and understanding be treated as any other sin? Won’t they be held accountable for misleading others by their teaching?


I agree with you that there’s ample Biblical evidence in support of a pre-trib rapture. But belief in the rapture is not a salvation issue, so no matter when it happens all born again believers will go.

According to James 3:1 those who teach against the rapture will be held accountable for misinforming those entrusted to them. If they’re believers, they’ll still be saved but risk losing rewards. If they’re not saved they’ll have a much bigger problem than being wrong about the rapture.