Teenage Suicide


Teenage suicide is on the rise. Besides those who I have read about, I also have known relatives of two of these children. Neither came from a family where they received Biblical guidance. Because teenager’s have not had the time to mature, and unless they have been lead to Christ by a family member or friend, they don’t know much, if anything, about salvation. Both of them took their lives because the didn’t have hope that things in their life would ever change. What do you think happens when they are judged?


Once we reach the age of accountability, usually occurring around puberty in the past, only a belief that Jesus died for our sins can save us from judgment. Whether they’ve been taught this or not, a teenager is considered responsible for his or her own life and barring any mental impairment will likely be judged as an adult.

Teenagers are more at risk spiritually than any other age group because Satan knows they’re old enough to be responsible, but likely haven’t spent much time in the Bible, making them easier targets. It’s one of the reasons he worked so hard to get God kicked out of the schools.