Tell Us He’s Wrong


I happened to run across a web site where a man is stating that the ‘last trumpet’ is at the end of the Tribulation and that a man in the 1800’s called John Nelson Darby changed the timing of the Rapture to before the Tribulation but before that it was believed it would happen at the end of the Tribulation. I may not be explaining what this man said very well but I think I got the general gist of it. You’ve probably heard of this man and what he believes. Please could you explain why he is wrong.


Post-trib writers point to Darby, Mary MacDonald, C.I. Scofield and others to “prove” that the pre-trib rapture was invented in the 1800’s but it just doesn’t hold water. Paul’s Letters to the Thessalonians don’t make any sense unless Paul taught the pre-trib view, and the support verses from Matt 24 and other places that post-trib writers often use are obviously taken out of context.

The post-trib rapture is not consistent with a literal historical, grammatical interpretation of Scripture, the Doctrine of Grace, the Doctrine of Imminence, and the view that God’s dealings with Israel and the Church are mutually exclusive. It also calls into question whether the Lord made His bride spotless and blemish free at the cross or not. There are lots of things the Bible doesn’t say about the Rapture, but only the pre-trib view is consistent with everything it does say.