That’s Not Fair


I believe you just recently said that there will be three different groups of saints; the old testament saints, the church age saints, and the tribulation saints. You also said the church age saints will live in the New Jerusalem and that the other two groups won’t get to live there. I know God has a perfect plan but in my human mind, I’m not sure that sounds fair. Don’t Moses or Abraham or Noah get to live in the New Jerusalem with the rest of us?


Noah, Abraham, Moses and others saw concrete, physical evidence of God’s existence on a regular basis. He sent angels to instruct them on coming events, and in other ways provided substantial support for their faith. Like all Old Testament saints, they were promised a part in Israel’s Kingdom Age, which will occur on Earth, and that’s what they’ll get.

Also, Rev. 21:27 says only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life will be able to enter the New Jerusalem. But the Lamb’s Book of Life is never mentioned in the Old Testament, and neither is the New Jerusalem. If Old Testament saints were going to dwell there it seems to me that would be mentioned.

And finally, in the Bible’s earliest mention of the resurrection, Job said his Redeemer would stand upon the Earth and he (Job) would see Him with his own eyes (Job 19:28). Job expected to be resurrected to some place on Earth.

The Church believes by faith alone, and because of that God has chosen to bless us beyond all other human beings. In John 20:29 Jesus told Thomas, “Because you have seen me you believe. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” He was speaking of the Church.

Of all the Old Testament dignitaries only David is called a king, but none are called Kings and Priests, as we are. Jesus said he who is least in the Kingdom of Heaven will be greater than any man who is not (Matt. 11:11), and Paul said in the ages yet to come God will demonstrate the incomparable riches of His grace through the kindness He has expressed to us, the Church (Ephesians 2:7). It’s not supposed to be fair. The Church is supposed to get a much better deal than anyone else.