The Annals Of The Kings


I have been reading the old testament and have noticed references to the Kings of Judah and Israel, what appears to be an historical reference to the book of annals. I have copied some of the many verses that I have found in the OT below. Can you tell me what these books are and where would I be able to locate them to read.I have done numerous searches but have been unable to find them. Some of the results in my search has indicated that these books do not exist. We know the bible is God’s word, so if he mentions them in his word then they must be in existence. I can imagine these annals being extremely interesting and good reading to shed further light on the history of our fore bearers being the Jewish people.


The Annals of the Kings of Israel are mentioned 17 times in 1-2 Kings. They are apparently diaries/records of some sort that documented what were felt to be important events of each King’s reign. Similar records were kept for the Kings of Judah and are mentioned 15 times in 1-2 Kings. Some believe they weren’t official documents but were more likely records kept by the prophets who served during each king’s reign. Regardless, these books have never been found and are presumed to have been irretrievably lost.