The Ark Of The Covenant


I read your site daily and find it quite insightful as well as informative. May the Lord Bless you for all your hard work. OK, here’s my question: Regarding the Ark of the Covenant, I am trying to follow the ark from the time it was built until it disappeared. Because as you know many have looked for it through the ages. I believe the name was changed from “The Ark of Testimony” to the Ark of the Covenant early on in its history. I still have a lot of reading to do, but was the Ark in the second temple? and two; is it the same as the “Ark of His Covenant” as described in Revelation 11:19? If so then why would anyone be looking for it as it appears to be in Heaven with The Lord? Maybe he took it when the Glory of the Lord left the First temple. What are your thoughts.?


The Ark of the Covenant (Testimony) disappeared from Earth at the time of the destruction of Solomon’s Temple, aka the First Temple. It was never housed in the 2nd Temple. The Temple and everything in it are copies of things in Heaven. Moses was shown the real things and told to make faithful copies. (Exodus 27:8) The ark visible in heaven in Revelation 11 is the real thing. The one on Earth was a copy and there maybe a copy of it as well. Though various locations have been promoted from time to time, they can’t all be right. So far, no one has offered conclusive evidence of where on Earth the Ark might be.