The Bride Of Christ


There are many conversations about our future and eternal role as members of the Church. These conversations are mostly about our role as priests and kings on the Lord’s side. But I haven’t heard any discussion about our future position as the Lord’s Bride. I have been thinking about that for a long time. The Book of Relevation speaks about the “Marriage of the Lamb,” If the Church is Jesus’ Bride now and there will be a future marriage ceremony in Heaven, does that mean that we all will be personally married to Him in Eternity? Is our position as “the Bride” symbolic or could it be taken literally?


In the Old Testament God spoke of Himself as Israel’s husband. (Jeremiah 31:32) I doubt that the Jews thought of themselves as personally married to God, but more like He was their protector and provider, like an earthly husband would be. I think the bride of Christ should have a similar feeling toward Him even now, but especially so after he’s taken us to His Father’s house.