The Church At The Time Of The Rapture


Some say that the end times church will be glorious and without spot or blemish, others say there will be a great falling away and the end times church will be for all practical purpose so small that when the rapture comes it will be barely noticeable. What is your position?


From the Lord’s point of view the Church is already glorious and without spot or blemish. He made us that way at the cross (Ephes. 5:25-27). The Bible does say that as the time for the rapture approaches, there will be a falling away of “Christians in name only” (1 Tim. 4:1) and the true Church will have little strength (Rev. 3:10). That’s not to say the world will barely notice the rapture because even if only 1% of the world’s population goes in the rapture, there will be 70 million people missing and most experts place the estimate much higher. What it means is that we won’t have much influence in the world in the time before we leave.