The Colors Of God


In the book of Exodus, when God gave Moses the directives in the construction of the tabernacle, He listed multiple times that the thread colors of gold, blue, purple, and scarlet were to be used. Now moving ahead to Revelation 17:4, we are told that the woman on the beast is arrayed in purple and scarlet and was glittering in gold. Does the common use of these colors (including Revelation’s absence of the color blue) reveal specific clues to us about the woman on the beast, and if so, what could they be?


These are the colors of God. They are also symbolic. Gold represents deity, purple is the color of royalty, scarlet, or crimson, stands for blood, and blue is for Heaven. Arranged in that order they say, “God our King shed His Blood to open the way to Heaven.”

The woman in Rev. 17 proclaimed herself to be the queen of heaven in Isaiah 47:7 & Jere. 7:18. I think the absence of blue is the Lord’s way of telling us that the woman is a counterfeit, not really the queen of heaven.