The Deity Of Jesus


One of the leaders at our church doesn’t believe Jesus is God. He believes Jesus is the Son of God and/or a lesser god but not God Almighty. I have placed in our church bulletin many passages and brief commentaries on the deity of Jesus Christ over the past year since I took it over.

This same man believes that plural wives and slavery should be condoned.

The pastor won’t confront him on this subject about the deity of Christ because he’s afraid he will leave our congregation and go somewhere else where he may get taught wrong doctrine.

I don’t think he is doing this man any favors by tip toeing around the truth. I am afraid that if he doesn’t believe in the deity of Jesus Christ, he can’t really be saved.

Can you help me on this matter?


Since only God can forgive sins and since only God could live a sinless life, Jesus had to be God to redeem us at the cross. Mark 2:1-12 makes that point. In addition, Jesus said He was God in John 10:30 & 14:9. Paul said Jesus was God in Colossians 1:15. John said Jesus was God in John 1:1 and God said that Jesus was God in Hebrews 1:8.

Denying the deity of Jesus is denying the validity of Scripture and would at least cast doubt on a person’s salvation according to Romans 10:9.