The Devil In Heaven


I would like to know something about the actual presence of the devil in heaven. Does this mean that his millions of “minions” are also there and for what purpose exactly would they be there? I suppose it cannot be in order to “tempt” the saints to sin, considering that there is no sin in heaven. Is it to accuse them day and night as he did for Job?? Whatever your thoughts on this, I am looking forward to know them and also the scriptures that support them.


According to Job 1:6 and Rev.12:10 Satan has access to the Throne of God where his purpose is to accuse the brethren. Rev 12:7-9 speaks of a great battle in heaven where Michael and his angels battle Satan and his, but there the word means the heavens, not God’s Throne.

In 2 Cor. 12:2 Paul wrote about being caught up to the 3rd heaven. This is a strange thing for us because we’ve been taught about only one. But technically there are three. The first heaven is Earth’s atmosphere, often called the air in the Bible. The second heaven is the visible expanse of the universe above our atmosphere, what Genesis 1:8 refers to as the firmament or heaven. In the Hebrew this word is neither singular nor plural, it’s a dual form, denoting 2, the atmosphere and the sky we can see. The 3rd heaven is God’s throne and that’s where Paul went. Satan has access to God’s Throne, but we’re not told of any of his demons being able to join them there. The great battle of Rev.12 is fought in the 2nd heaven, what we would call outer space.