The End Times Religion


I recently watched a TV minister discussing his theory that the one world religion of Revelation will be the apostate Catholic Church. He believes that the Catholics will triumph over Islam, due to his argument that the prostitute represents the fallen church in the same manner that God frequently refers to Israel as an adulterous wife. In furtherance of his hypothesis, he notes that the prostitute in chapter 17 is wearing both purple and scarlet — the official colors of Catholic Bishops and Cardinals, respectively. What do you think of this idea?


This is the traditional view of the end times religion and before the rise of Islam it was almost universally accepted. But consider this. How many Catholics will be left behind after the rapture? Certainly there will be quite a few, but there will also be many who will be raptured. Now look at the way Islam is growing and realize that none of them will go in the rapture. Sheer numbers alone will give the advantage to Islam.

Finally, consider that the Pope has said Catholics and Muslims worship the same God. Have you ever heard an Ayatollah say that?