The Fleeing Remnant


In Matt. 24:15-16 the Lord warned all who are in Judea to flee to the mountains immediately upon hearing of the Abomination. Yet, did I understand you to imply that only the 144,000 who are sealed will do so? Would you please clarify this matter? What about other post-Rapture Messianic Jews and believing Gentiles who live in Judea when the Abomination happens? Surely many/most of them will also heed the warning. Will they be safeguarded as well? Also, did I read somewhere that those to be protected will be flown to Petra on eagles wings, or some such?


What I said was that only 144,000 Jewish believers will receive God’s protective seal (Rev. 7:1-8). But a much greater number than that will flee from the anti-Christ. Rev. 12:14 says the woman (representing the believing remnant of Israel) will be given the two wings of a great eagle. I believe John was invoking symbolism that recalls Israel’s supernatural deliverance from Egypt. That was also described as being on the wings of eagles (Exodus 19:4). There won’t be enough airplanes to fly all of Israel’s religious Jews away and there’s no place to land where they’re going.