The Garden Of Eden


Thank you so very much for your answers and help in clarifying different passages in Scripture. God has given you such keen insight, thank you for sharing with us.

I have a question about the garden of Eden. Where did it go? Was it taken to Heaven, or protected for awhile and then destroyed? Was it really located in the area they now call the Fertile Crescent?


According to Genesis 2:10, the Garden of Eden was watered by a river that split into four others. Two of them are the Tigris and Euphrates. Today they both flow from Turkey through Syria and Iraq and into the Persian Gulf. It’s likely that the course of these rivers has changed over time, but the Fertile Crescent is still a logical place to locate the Garden if Eden. Its exact location is unknown, but it’s probably buried beneath the sands of this now arid region. Jewish tradition places Israel in the Garden and Iraqis believe their country is the original location.