The Gift Of Prophecy


I have been reading Billy Graham’s book titled “The Holy Spirit.” As I see it, he is saying the gift of prophecy of today is to explain the prophecies already written in the Bible. He also states, “The gift of prophecy in the first sense, that of foretelling of predictive prophecy, not longer exists to the extent it did in first century Christianity.” What are your thoughts on this?


I’m pretty much in agreement with Dr. Graham on the matter of prophecy. Old Testament prophets were appointed by God to speak to the people on His behalf, informing them of what was coming. According to Hebrews 1:1-2 Jesus was the last of these and is the prophet for our age. Even Paul’s prophecies of the rapture and resurrection simply filled in the blanks left by prophets who came before Him. And for the most part, the Book of Revelation is just a more a detailed description of Daniel’s 70th Week.