The Good Shepherd


I’m endeavoring to understand John 10:1-18 better because of the prevalence of the “prosperity gospel”. My specific question has to do with that last part of John 10:9 “He will come in and go out, and find pasture. ” Since its a parable, where are the Lord’s people going in and out from and what is the pasture (good pasture in KJV)? I’ve studied it and have read some commentators, but I’ve I’m not yet satisfied I’ve found a good or complete answer.


When used metaphorically, as it is here, the phrase “come in and go out” refers to any condition or situation in which we find ourselves. It’s like our phrase “going back and forth”.

The phrase “find pasture” means we’ll have our needs met. Since it was the shepherd’s job to locate good pasture land for his sheep, the passage refers to the Lord seeing to our needs in every situation we encounter.