The Gospels Of Peter And Judas


I was watching a program on the Discovery channel last night, where they were saying that a lost book of Peter had been found, also the book of Judas. It does seem like there should have been a book of Peter in the Bible does it not, since Jesus said upon this rock I will build my church. Yet no one knows what Peter had to say. Have you read this book of Peter? If so what do you think? What about the book of Judas?

I enjoy your site every day, and I know you have a great love and knowledge of God and his word. My Grandaughter was watching this program with me and asked if we had the whole Bible and was our Bible right? I told her God had made sure we had all the information we needed to be saved. The one and major knowledge that Jesus was the son of God sent by god to die for our sins on the cross and that he rose from the dead and went to heaven to be with the father. Was I right?


The Gospel of Peter first appeared in the 1800’s and is thought to have been written late in the 2nd Century, about 100 years after Peter died. The name of the real author is unknown. Many evangelical scholars believe that the Gospel of Mark is Peter’s account of the events of the Lord’s life. Two letters written by Peter before his death are also part of the New Testament and complete his written account. The Gospel of Judas is just like its namesake, a complete betrayal the Lord’s ministry. It was also written by someone other than Judas long after he died.

Your response to your grand daughter is correct as far as it goes. I believe our Bible contains everything we need to be saved, to live a life pleasing to the Lord, and to know in advance what lies ahead for the Church and for the world.