The Harvest Of Rev. 14


In Revelation 14 it talks about reaping, but it appears to be two separate things. Verses 14 through 16 seem to be Jesus harvesting. Verses 17 through 20 are God’s wrath poured out. Is this first part (14-20) the rapture maybe, since the second part speaks of God’s wrath and I know we are not appointed unto wrath. What is your understanding of these scriptures and the difference of the man (Jesus?)on the cloud reaping the harvest versus the angel gather grapes to be crushed under the wrath of God? Thank you for your help.


Since I believe that the Rapture is described in Rev. 4-5 and since the first mention of the onset of God’s wrath is in Rev. 6:16-17, I think something different is going on here. The first angel may or may not be Jesus but either way it doesn’t matter to the passage. The point is he is swinging his sickle over the whole Earth to harvest it. This means the Great Tribulation is beginning. The angel who gathers the clusters of grapes from the earth’s vine is focused on unbelievers. We know this because the earth’s vine is not the true vine (John 15:1). They are being prepared for the final series of judgments called the seven bowls of God’s wrath which are described in Rev. 15-16. Rev. 15:1 tells us these judgments don’t begin God’s wrath, they conclude it.