The Holy Spirit In Daniel’s 70th Week


I have looked up several translations and versions of 2 Thessalonians 2:7. Some refer to the person as he and some as He. I guess regardless whether he be the church or the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will be out of the way. My question is where will the Holy Spirit be during this time? And will He return during the Millennium to convict men’s hearts again?


Don’t let the lack of capitalization fool you. Some translations don’t capitalize pronouns that refer to the God head. The Holy Spirit is the restrainer. During the Church Age He’s been sealed within us to guarantee our inheritance. After we receive it (following the rapture) He will no longer be needed as a guarantor. During Daniel’s 70th week the Holy Spirit will resume His Old Testament style ministry on Earth. During that time He was with believers and periodically came upon them, but was never sealed within them. I imagine it will be much the same during the Millennium.