The Iniquity Of The Fathers, Follow Up


We continue to be blessed each day as you share the nourishment of God’s word with us. My latest question has to do with your recent post (Visiting The Iniquity Of The Fathers Upon The Children) where you say “Some even believe the sin nature is passed through the father only, which is why Jesus could have a human mother but not possess a sin nature.” I have never heard this before. Do you believe this? If so what scripture may refer to this belief?


Yes. Although the Bible doesn’t say this specifically, I’m inclined to believe it. I haven’t come up with any other way to explain how Jesus could be fully man without a sin nature. The Scripture I base it upon is Exodus 20:5, where the title of the post comes from. Hebrews 5:15 confirms that Jesus didn’t have a sin nature by saying He was tempted in every way, just as we are, but was without sin. No one with a sin nature could have done that.