The Lampstand And The Lamp


Some believe that the Church will have been raptured by the beginning of Revelation 4. In Revelation 1:20 it describes the Seven Lampstands as being the Seven Churches. Then Chapter 4 mentions that there are Seven Lampstands with burning flames present in front of the Throne and that they are the Seven Spirits of God. The Seven Lampstands are first described as The Seven Churches and then we are told that they are The Seven Spirits of God. Can you explain these things?


I agree that the Church will most likely be raptured at the beginning of Rev. 4. But just to clarify things, in the Greek language Rev. 1:20 is slightly different from Rev. 4:5. Rev. 1:20 speaks of a lampstand, the item of furniture upon which a lamp is placed. The Greek word in Rev. 4:5 refers to the lamp itself. Therefore the Church is the place where the Holy Spirit dwells, not the Holy Spirit Himself. Seeing the Holy Spirit at the Throne of God in Rev. 4 would seem to indicate that the Church is there too, since the Holy Spirit is sealed within us, and lends support to a Rev. 4 rapture.