The Latter Rains


Could you tell me the timing of the “Latter Rain” Is it pre trib: before the rapture or after?


In Israel there are two major rainy seasons, one in the spring and one in the fall. Since the agricultural year begins in September, the former rain is the fall rain and the latter rain is the spring rain.

There is much confusion surrounding this. Some do not understand the dual Hebrew Calendar and have reversed the order, placing the former rains in the Spring when the religious year begins and saying they represent the three spring Feasts of Israel fulfilled in the Lord’s First Coming, and the Latter rains will come in the Fall and represent the Fall Feasts to be fulfilled in the 2nd Coming.

The Latter Rain Movement applies both rains to the Church even though the prophecy was clearly given to Israel. They hold that the former rains represent Pentecost and the Latter rains represent another outpouring of the Spirit at the End of the Age that will empower the Church to take dominion over the World. The Latter Rain movement doesn’t believe in a Pre-Trib Rapture, or a place for Israel in the End Times. Their teachings are demonstrably false and have led many astray. Their prophets have been discredited.

In Joel 2:23 the Lord said He had already sent the former rain and promised to send both the former and latter rains in the same month, the first one. Since Joel is meant to be seen as an End Times Prophecy, this tells us that the prophetic fulfillment of both the former and latter rains will happen in the first Hebrew month, Tishri, which is September – October on our calendar.

I believe that the Scriptures tell us that the Lord’s birth was in the Month of Tishri, and I believe His second Coming will occur in that month as well. If so, He could be the fulfillment of both the former and latter rain prophecies.