The Lesson Of Solomon


Having just studied the two books of Kings from the Old Testament, I find it rather odd that so much is made of Solomon’s “wisdom.” Scripture indicates that Yahweh promised the gift of “wisdom” to Solomon, further adding that no man either before or even after Solomon would enjoy as great a gift of wisdom as that given to him. However, after receiving this amazing gift from God, Solomon seems to have made some very, very unwise decisions. It seems bizarre to me that the wisest man who ever lived would allow himself to be drawn into such unwise activities.


During his lifetime Solomon brought Israel the closest in all their history to receiving all the blessings the Lord had promised them, and made Israel the envy of the known world.

Peace, prosperity, and good health flowed through Israel like a river and people came from all over just to see what it was like to be so blessed by the Lord. Kings showered him with gifts and sent their daughters to be his wives.

His mistakes came in believing his wisdom put him above the Law and he began doing things that were forbidden.

One of them was to allow his wives and concubines to teach him their pagan religions, and then to honor the gods of these religions in God’s temple.

His great wisdom became his downfall as His study of their religions led him from monotheism to polytheism and finally to pantheism.

It wasn’t the Lord’s gift that was to blame but Solomon’s misuse of it.

Like many others with a sin nature, Solomon used his gift in ways that God never intended. His life demonstrated that we really can’t be all that God intends us to be until He first perfects us. That’s what will make the next life so exciting.