The Lord’s Real Name


I’m from India. I’m a Christian believer. I used to attend church, meetings everything which belong to God. But since a couple of days one question is killing my faith and burning my soul. Please clarify this doubt.

What is the real name of our Lord Jesus Christ?
For example there are several Muslims around the world. They all call their God as ALLAH only. But in our mission, English people call as Jesus, Hindi people call as Iesa, Greeek People call as Iesus Christos, Telugu people call as Yesu, etc., This made me think thoroughly that what might be the real name of God.

When I began studying the bible the spirit guided me and gave me a reply. God of the Scriptures talked with Moses near a fiery bush.There he spake with Moses and told his name in the language HEBREW. In new testament also God spake with Apostle Paul in Damascus and told his name in HEBREW again. This made me understand that God told his name only Hebrew. That might be his real name. I think that we all are praising him with pagan names. But anyhow I’m afraid a lot in dealing this subject. Please help me and save me from this feelings.


The Lord’s name in Hebrew is Yeshua. All the other names you’ve listed here are translations of that name into the various languages. There is nothing wrong with that. It allows each nationality to address Jesus in his own language.

If you’re like me, you like to hear your name pronounced in the language you speak. I think the Lord feels the same way, but pronouncing His name in other languages doesn’t mean we’re using pagan names. Remember, He knows the intent of our hearts, and can tell when we’re sincere and when we’re not.