The Lord’s Seamless Garment


John 19:23 speaks about the soldiers casting lots for Jesus garments. The passage speaks specifically about Jesus coat that was woven without seam from top to bottom. Is there any relevance to that particular passage concerning the importance of no seam?


According to my understanding, it was the Lord’s seamless undergarment the soldiers didn’t want to divide among them. It was probably a long sleeved, full length linen garment and would have been very expensive to make. Generally garments like this were only worn by the wealthy, such as royalty, and the soldiers didn’t want to destroy it by cutting it into pieces so they cast lots for it.

Some have said this garment symbolized the fact that the Lord was a king. But though He certainly was and is, I think the soldiers were unknowingly fulfilling a prophecy from Psalm 22:18 “They divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing.” If so, it was one among hundreds of signs proving that Jesus was Israel’s Messiah.