The Lord’s Unfinished Ministry


Everywhere you look in the Bible there’s 7 of something–and many times that 7 is divided in half, becoming 2 parts at 3 1/2. Jesus led his ministry for 3 1/2 years. Where do you think the other 3 1/2 is?


Seven is a number that often symbolizes divine completion in Scripture. When the Lord’s ministry was ended at 31/2 years it meant that His job was only half done. For sure, He had redeemed us from our bondage to sin, but this “only” ended our estrangement from God and brought us back into His family. When He comes back He’ll make us co-regents with Him in the Kingdom He promised us. That’s the other half.

You see His job was not just to free us from the pit of Hell and set us back on the face of the Earth, but to elevate us above the the angelic host to the very Throne of Heaven. (Ephes. 2:6-7)